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A book about quitting a job to start a company one day, change your life, maybe change the world. But not how you think...not quitting badly, abruptly, or too soon. We're talking about getting the right idea, finding the right people, making the plan, doing the homework, and taking the time to time your exit.


Steve Jobs did it. Jeff Bezos did it. Sara Blakely did it. We wouldn’t have Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Nike, Instagram, Pinterest, 23&Me, Starbucks, Red Bull, or Spanx if aspiring entrepreneurs hadn't Quit to Start. Nearly every successful entrepreneur, famous and non-famous, had to quit a job at some point to make it.


But it’s really hard. And it’s really scary. And it’s not for everyone. This is a book that not only gives you the thinking you’ll need to pull off your exit, but also levels with you on the kind of motivation and mettle you’ll need to pull through. Startups are a game of planning, persistence, and power.


There are many types of startups and entrepreneurs. From freelancers, solopreneurs and small business builders to companies and products designed to take over the world. This book talks about each and how to evaluate and select the best path for you and the right plan and approach for success.


Working for others is not a bad thing. It’s just that some of us are itching for more and it never stops calling for us. Quitting doesn’t have to be about a bad job or bad boss (though sometimes it is), it’s about achieving your full potential and bringing something amazing to the world, gaining your independence, and if you’re lucky - wealth for you and your family.


So this is a book about quitting, but it’s really a book about starting. Starting the right way, with the right business, the right plan, and at the right time. Then you can go do what you were meant to do, live the life you were meant to live, and put your mark on the world.