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quit to start

Helping to Unlock and Unleash

I learned all the core things I know about entrepreneurship from my father. He did not go to college, but he didn't need to. He was a massively determined person with vision - and that's what mattered. At age 32, with almost no money and a family of six counting on his income every week, he courageously quit his job to start a company. The company became very, very successful and he was able to create the life he wanted and dreamed of for himself and his family. And I had a front row seat..


I worked in the family business from age 16 to 26, learning from my father. I married my college sweetheart, started a family, and started my first company at age 27.  It did okay but I wasn't ready. I wanted to prove myself in the corporate world (like all my friends, and get that big salary money!) and away from my father, so I worked for several companies in my thirties - managers! bosses! But I always felt overworked (self imposed!), under fulfilled (other people's goals), and wanted to create something of my own!


So, I quit a six figure job at 37 and created a product, started a company, with very little savings, married with a child. Success and breakthrough followed. Also about this time, a small group of us founded what has become one of the leading startup accelerators in the United States, where I've since worked closely with so many founders. Most rewarding, I teach entrepreneurship one day a week at a major U.S. university whose entrepreneurship program ranks nationally in the top 10 every year.

And now this is my mission, to help others with their big idea and big leap. I know what it's like to be a frustrated aspiring entrepreneur, feeling unfulfilled in a job or career. It takes the right thinking, the right homework and the right planning to execute a successful quit, and start. You don't get unlimited tries at the startup game so we need to get it as close to right as we can the first time! 

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